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Top Resume Mistakes Made

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Top Resume Mistakes Made

1. Misspelling and grammatical errors are resume killers. Make sure to use spell check then proofread. At times catching your own errors is difficult, so it may be a good idea to seek out someone with fresh eyes to just go over it. Reading it out loud is also another option for recognizing mistakes.

2. Incorrect or missing important contact information.

The goal of a resume is to set you up for a potential interview. If you have the wrong contact information or your missing information that makes it difficult for a recruiter to contact you, in result you could be waiting for that interview you wanted forever.

3. Not including keywords that match the job posting you are applying for.

Your resume should match up with the job that you’re applying for. If you don’t have the skills and experience that a company is looking for or it is not visible on your resume, your resume may go unnoticed.

4. Sending out an outdated resume will make you look obsolete.

It is important to update your resume in both the skills and experience section so that a recruiter can see that you have been actively working and you have the necessary skills for the job you’re applying for.

5. You don’t want to be too generalized or not customizing to match the job listing you are applying to.

It would be beneficial to build your resume up to align with the job you are applying for. Customizing your resume to match with the specifications a job requires will ensure your resume doesn’t get tossed or discarded.

6. Your resume is more than two pages long.

Unless you have eight or more years of experience and a few jobs under your belt, keeping your resume to one page is best. Focus on the most relevant jobs to match the job you’re applying for. Sometimes less is more and if you can show that you have stayed working for a company for more than two years your work ethic and loyalty at your previous jobs will look good on you.

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