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Tips for Social Distancing in the Workplace

It is important to practice safe social distancing if you are an essential employee working on site. Your health and safety are a top priority, and social distancing in the workplace will help keep you and others from spreading COVID-19.

Be mindful of these simple tips when you’re at work.

1. Physically distance in the work environment, remaining at least 6 feet apart at all times.\

2. Avoid face-to-face in-person meetings, even if just one-on-one.

3. Stagger breaks and meal times.

4. Don’t congregate in break rooms, work rooms or other common areas.

5. Do not share headsets or other objects that are near your mouth or nose.

6. Facilities and custodial services are cleaning high traffic areas regularly, but do take precautions to wipe down areas where you’ve been.

7. Always wash your hands before and after entering a shared workspace or break room.

8. Remember to follow CDC guidance on hygiene, such as hand-washing and coughing into your elbow.

We need to commit to the safety of ourselves and others in order to fight this virus together. It is important to practice social distancing and all other necessary precautions. We are in this together and can only win this fight if we work together.

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