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Farmington Hills Michigan

Job Type:

Direct Hire

About the Role

Position Duties:

  • As an Owner's representative perform the following functions:

  • Create bid documents (Scope of Work) for contractors to quote projects

  • Review of Contractor's design approval submittal of PLC programs, GDU screens and "for      construction" drawings per the Owner's Specifications

  • Knowledge of Allen Bradley software and logic format

  • Travel to OEM vendor sites to review equipment (Electrical/ Controls)

  • Review facilities field conditions using "for construction" drawings, standard  specifications and installation codes and document discrepancies by supplying a field report with photos to the Owner.

  • On-site trip to verify "as-built" drawings and verify / test operation during system  start-up

  • Compare and review field mark-ups to final documentation submittal of "as-installed" drawings

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