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Windsor, ON

Job Type:

About the Role

Primary Purpose of the Position

To inform the President, Shop Forman, Engineering Manager, Purchasing and the Controller of all information pertaining to new mould builds, engineering changes, refurbishments, and try-outs. To keep the Account Managers abreast of the progress of their programs always. Keep a detailed track record of all programs and their schedules. Clear up any open issues relating to programs through the customer. Attend and record all try-outs.

Specific Duties

· Follows the principles of the ISO quality management system

· Receive purchase order and issue quotes and information to the Controller

· Issue all Job numbers and keep job number books up to date.

· Prepare weekly timelines with updated pictures of progress for all programs

· Create and update/modify timelines for new builds and E-C jobs in MS Project

· Prepare Work orders for initial build kick-offs and issue them to the Engineering Manager, the Shop Foreman, and the customer.

· Set-up and fluently update new workbooks in One-note for each program.

· Manage information on Weekly milestone meeting sheet

· Prepare weekly Manufacturing Meeting sheet.

· Create Tryout Master documents file (like P.M. Master), prepare and provide Tryout reporting documents, including Wall Thickness Analysis for Tryouts (when part data is available)

· Keep Job boards updated with delivery dates.

· Create and keep record of all open issues pertaining to the program.

· Inform all necessary departments with information needed to build the program.

· Attend and record all try-outs

· Attend and advise at all Engineering Design Meetings.

· Fulfill all other duties and assignments as directed by Management.

· Create correspondence involving Research and Development.

· Successfully works in conjunction with other program managers to ensure tooling satisfies the internal and external customer’s requirements.

· Modifies or changes the methodology or redirects activities as necessary to attain the objectives within time frame and cost limits.

· Directs through appropriate channels the personnel at the external plants during service calls.

· Communicates effectively through verbal and written channels in a fast paced, changing environment.

· Attend meetings to report project status/concern and ensure all customer open issues items are resolved on time ad under budget.

· Follows the principles of the ISO and IATF quality management system

· TST schedules for repairs and new builds

· Keep one note populated , with items on checklist and open issues

· Timing gantt chart display

·  Keep screens in shop on and with active display information

· Monthly Percentage complete report to Accounting Dept

· Focus on repairs

·  Timelines

·  Work orders

·  Engineering information ppt, to the floor

·  Design changes

·  Outsourcing follow and scheduling where necessary (grain, chrome, Welding)

· Research and Development Projects

·  Continue to participate in the Academia projects

·  Follow up after trials with the SRED questionnaire with PM to prompt writeups sooner

·  Accompany more notes from the trial to help provide support to writeup

·  Add this sheet to PM master

Required Training, Knowledge and Experience

· Microsoft Office products including Project, Power point, Outlook, Excel, Word.

· Communication Skills

· 3 to 5 years’ experience

· Knowledge of all type of moulds including Compression, Injection and Others

Working Conditions and Demands of the Position

· Consistent work hours five to six days a week.

· Works at computer for hours at a time.

· A shop daily walk through to review progress of all programs

· Scheduled tasks that are time sensitive

· Meeting Customer’s Demands

· 24/7 program management for customers requiring information.

ACCU-STAFF has an accommodation process in place and provides accommodations for employees with disabilities. If you require a specific accommodation because of a disability or a medical need, please contact Human Resources so that arrangements can be made for the appropriate accommodations to be in place before you begin your employment. We thank all applicants for their interest; however only those selected for an interview will be notified.

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