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Windsor ON

Job Type:

Direct Hire

About the Role

We have an exciting opportunity for an Industrial Millwright in the Windsor, Ontario area!

What's in it for you?

  • Get paid while you learn

  • Be a part of a great organization

  • Be a part of a great team


  • To be able to perform all duties as outlined by the Provincial      Government in accordance with Regulated Trade 433A Industrial Mechanic      Millwright.

  • Possess all hand tools that are common to the trade as well as      specific tools required in the areas assigned relative to the facility.

  • Work and perform preventive maintenance on all welders, weld      fixtures and all other equipment in the facility.

  • Be able to repair automatic nut feeder.

  • Be able to read, interpret and use micrometers, verniers, etc.

  • Be conversant with the operation and use of machine tools, lathes,      mills, grinder drills, etc.

  • Have working knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics.

  • Capable of lining up shafts and couplings, motors and drivers, etc.

  • Be able to scrape and bed bearings ways, slides and gibs.

  • Be able to in minimal time, ascertain cause of breakdown, establish      action for remedy. If a lengthy job, should be capable of writing a program,      discuss with supervision and carry out project as directed.

  • Should possess knowledge for evaluation by sound and/or visual      appearance on press performance. (i.e. Hitting too hard, off-loaded on one      Pittman and report condition before unnecessary damage is caused).

  • Should be completely conversant with trouble-shooting on all      automatic lube systems and be capable of ascertaining if lubrication is      getting to all points of the machine (their knowledge, instructions on the      equipment and manuals available would give the results desired).

  • Be capable of removing broken pieces of equipment and repairing by      welding or other designated methods, including the complete refit and      reassemble of replacement parts.

  • Should be able to establish wear points and determine the amount of      slop as it relates to crankshaft bearings, Pittman bearings, knuckle      joints, etc.

  • Possess and complete working knowledge of the Maintenance Program      and carry out work required for the proper functioning as it relates to      our equipment.

  • Able to complete overhauls and major repairs to all plant machinery      and equipment.

  • Have working knowledge of air logic controls (pneumatic).

  • Have working knowledge of hydraulic logic controls.

  • Should be capable of slinging, unloading and/or dismantling heavy      pieces of equipment in an efficient and safe manner (both to other works      and equipment).

  • Must have a complete understanding and knowledge of lifting      capacities of various types of cables, slings, chokes, shackles and      related lifting gears. Know when it is in safe, usable condition. (Under      no circumstances use or permit others to use slings that have been      stretched beyond safe working load. Likewise on cables that have been      kinked or frayed, etc.).

  • Have complete knowledge of the load capacities of weighted chains      at the various angles of lift that may be involved in hook-up of their      load.

  • Be capable of leveling up machine foundations, grouting in, if      necessary, and leveling to very precise measurements, all types of heavy      equipment during installation.

  • Be capable of reading and following instruction manuals in detail,      together with blueprints, drawings and sketches, to carry out the proper      installation and set up of heavy or light equipment. Be able to follow up      oral instructions.

  • Be completely capable of dismantling, match marking, and      identifying all component parts of equipment that have to be dismantled      for moving or shipping to other plants for easy re-assembling.

  • Should be capable of shrinking the rods to proper tension, carrying      out detailed instructions from manufacturer's recommendations and set up      gibs, bearing clearances to facilitate installation.

  • Must be efficient in the use of acetylene equipment, such as      torches, or propane torches or arc gouging torches, together with the      proper use of cal rod elements (if used for shrinking of tie rods). Be      able to perform all welding functions and brazing.

  • Be capable of accurate floor layout, to be able to layout mounting      holes for lagging down of equipment/moving equipment into place, having      holes lined up.

  • Should be capable of performing all of the above with a minimum of      supervisory assistance and should be able to guide an apprentice and      helper/improver.

  • To promote and encourage safe work habits.

  • To contribute towards the continual program of good housekeeping.

  • Perform any other related duties that may be specifically or      generally assigned.

ACCU-STAFF has an accommodation process in place and provides accommodations for employees with disabilities. If you require a specific accommodation because of a disability or a medical need, please contact Human Resources so that arrangements can be made for the appropriate accommodations to be in place before you begin your employment. We thank all applicants for their interest; however only those selected for an interview will be notified.

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