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Windsor ON

Job Type:


About the Role


  • Develop and manage company’s revenue targets and communicate these targets with the Management, Sales / Program Management team.

  •  Create and establish attainable sales targets for each individual sales team members.

  •  Motivate and guide Individual team members towards achieving the company’s goals, in both sales, program management and Estimating

  • Provide detailed presentations/analytics for all department proposals prior to implementation

  • Develop a good rapport with all current and New customers

  •  Mentor team in creating opportunities with new customers outside of the current company customer portfolio

  • Understand and promote company Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Establish daily, weekly, monthly and annual targets to measure individual and group sales

  • Review quotes and mentor company estimating/operations team on hitting quoted jobs

  • Manage the Program management team

  •  Design, direct and implement the objectives and operational strategies to the PM team

  • Support and Develop a structured plan to support all awarded programs

  • Develop a progress report for PM team and management team to review weekly/monthly

  • Provide technical assistance and product education when needed, training and Development for current and future team members

  • Travelling to visit potential/existing clients

  • Responsible for upholding the H & S policy and for working in a safe manner

  • Adheres to all company policies and procedures

  • Maintains confidentiality of all information received from the customer/company

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