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If you struggle to find talented employees who truly fit in with your organization, you aren’t alone. Finding the employees that fit to your culture can be extremely difficult, but with ACCU-STAFF, you’ll always find employees who are skilled and aligned with your organization.

For almost 30 years, ACCU-STAFF has provided businesses with the talent they need at exactly the right time. We understand the market inside and out, and we have helped companies of all sizes survive and thrive through both economic booms and tight markets.




Accu-Staff provides a wide range of staffing and recruiting services flexible to suit your staffing needs. ​

Services we offer

Temporary Staffing Services - For short- or long-term requirements, temporary staffing services provide a smart solution. You get immediate access to specialized talent or fill-ins for absences. It enables you to adapt to variable workloads and achieve your goals without increasing overtime or permanent staff.

Temp-to-Hire Services -Try one of our temporary employees on location to see how they perform on the job. Add them to your full-time crew once they’ve proven themselves to be a great fit. It’s a smart strategy for avoiding hiring risks.


Executive Search Services - ACCU-STAFF will reach out to a broad range of skill specific professionals for your key executive roles to find the exact talent you are looking for that will fit to your culture. 

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