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Some people are not familiar  with working on a contract, here are some questions that you may have: 

Question #1: Is there a fee Involved?

There is NEVER a fee involved to register to Accu-Staff and we do not deduct any monies from your paycheque.

We charge a fee to the company whom we do business with.

Question #2: When and how do I get paid?

As long as your time cards are submitted by 12 pm on Monday, you will be paid on Friday. We pay by cheque and for your convenience we offer automatic deposit. (Which is strongly recommended)

Image by Jon Tyson

Question #3: How do I Submit my time card?

Every placement is different - some placements you will be given time cards. You will be responsible to get an authorized signature from your supervisor / manager. Time cards need to be submitted to Accu-Staff before 12 pm on Monday. Other placements take care of time cards for you. You will be notified of this prior to your placement. 

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